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Feature "h2_46e9c"

Feature Name: h2_46e9c
Aliases: N/A
Accession ID: MtYoungUMinn2006_1_h2_46e9c
Feature Type: SSR [ View Feature Type Info ]
Map: Species: barrel medic
Map Set: MtYoungUMinn2006
Map Name: 1
[ View Map Details ]
Start: 49.2 cM
Stop: 49.2 cM
Forward primer: acctgcaactcttcccacac
Genetic Map Marker Derived: AC148406
No. of Repeats: 11
Physical Map BAC Accession No: AC148406
Physical Map BAC Name: mth2-46e9
Product Size: 161
Reverse primer: gttggagttcagtccccaaa
SSR Motif: at
Source: BAC

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